NLP Executive Coaching Leadership-Entwicklung Kader-Coaching Führungskräfte-Coaching Führungs-Training

Be conscious about what you truly want


We often are talking about the problem and its symptoms, but to really create change it starts with inquiring into the deeper structural and systemic issues that make us re-enact the same problems. To be aware about these underlying structures and forces makes you conscious about your own system, about the inherent issues within your team, your organization.

In our coaching programs, we focus on such a holistic and conscious perspective on your matter. We have several methods at hand that will allow you to address your challenge in the best possible way, always taking into account that life has natural cycles, that change is inherent to all we do and that letting go is often the most challenging part of growth. 

Below we feature our signature programs but we welcome individual approaches based on your specific situation. Just give us a call at 505-559-4442 or send an email to officebeachtigcom. 

Our specifically-designed concepts for leadership and business development are suited for individuals as well as teams and are focused on embracing their growth in a conscious and holistic manner. This will allow each person to be more competent, congruent and authentic in challenging business situations, thereby enabling them to perform more effectively and integrally.


Coaching Programs

Standardized programs over 3 to 12 months


For master performance and elimination of emotional blocks

Team Coaching

Have a successful team with top-notch performance.