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Questions and Answers

How can coaching help me?

Coaching can help you in many ways that will improve your life both in and out of work. Since the coaching process is tailored to suit your unique needs, the conversations will be focused entirely on you. In short, you will have the opportunity to properly clarify and achieve the professional and life goals that will bring you lasting fulfillment. The coach will explore the way that you can best achieve your goals in your own unique way. Often during the process, the coachee will identify fears or limiting beliefs that might be getting in the way of his or her goals. We are proficient in addressing and resolving these blockages, which is something that sets us apart from many other coaching organizations.

Who is coaching for?

Coaching can be offered to anyone in an organization, regardless of his/her rank. For example, it can be used to provide a useful 'sounding board' for the executive who sits at the top of an organization and who may feel isolated. Further down the hierarchy, it can also be used for high-potential employees who may need help in 'stepping up' to more senior responsibilities.

Coaching can also be offered as a performance-enhancement tool for high-achievers, as well as a remedial tool for people who may be struggling due to stress or other adverse personal circumstances.

If I am responsible for hiring a coach, what benefits will it bring to my organization?

Coaching can bring about the following benefits:

  • Enhance the motivation of employees, thereby leading to better performance
  • Reduce or prevent absenteeism due to stress
  • Develop the true potential of employees to 'step up' to the challenges that will help your company to grow organically

Help managers to develop self-awareness including how they impact other colleagues. This helps to build team morale and improve their leadership qualities.
By investing in employees’ personal growth, they are more likely to stay, which creates a reduction in turnover costs

What is the ROI on coaching?

The ROI (Return on Investment) from coaching can be assessed from the following:

  • Reduced staff turnover leading to less hiring costs
  • More productive staff who increase sales and customer retention
  • Reduced overhead due to absenteeism (sick leave, stress leave, etc.)
  • More competent leadership, meaning that your management will be making better business decisions

What makes an effective leadership/management coach?

Any coach who can help you to achieve your desired outcomes could be considered effective. As an executive or corporate employee, it is generally preferable to work with a coach who 'gets' you and the situation in which you work. Ideally, it makes sense to work with a coach who has firsthand experience of corporate life. It is important, however, not to recruit a coach on this premise alone. Your coach must also have a proven track record of facilitating personal growth and change in order to be effective. This requires skill, training and leadership/management experience. It is important to distinguish between a true coach, and a mentor/consultant who may have a corporate background but lacks the questioning and listening skills that are needed to respond to the unique needs of the coachee.

Is coaching the same as counseling or therapy?

No. Coaching tends to focus on the future and working towards desired outcomes. Other interventions such as counseling and therapy tend to focus on the past. Sometimes it is necessary in coaching to look at past issues, but that is not the core emphasis.

What if my coach cannot give me advice that is specific to my job or industry?

While a coach may offer timely suggestions, it is not the role of the coach to give advice. That is more the domain of consulting or mentoring. A good coach will be empathetic to your situation and will help you to come up with your own solutions.

What if I am simply too old to change?

Part of the philosophy that underpins coaching is that humans have a tremendous potential for change. This is equally true for older people. The key question that coaching poses is, 'How could your life be different if you changed?'. If the motivation to change exists, then coaching is an excellent process for accelerating that change.

Is having a coach a sign of weakness?

Absolutely not! Having a coach is a statement of strength, responsibility, and ambition. By deciding to hire a coach you are simply saying 'I am ready and willing to make changes in order to improve my life. If that means hiring expert help, then so be it!' Top sports stars, business figures, and political leaders frequently use coaches to stay on top of their game.


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