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Consciousness for your success

leadership trainings and management coaching

Based in the USA and Switzerland, we work with clients from around the world who are interested in being conscious about their leadership skills and growth and want to connect with their source of power without sacrificing their well-being. This allows our clients to entertain bigger roles in their organizations with integrity and in alignment with their values as well as to implement the necessary practices to significantly improve their teams and their lives as they develop mindsets, skills, and tools to activate change in volatile and uncertain conditions. 

We establishing a deep and meaningful connection with our clients, which enables us to challenge their way of thinking, practices, and behaviors, which translate into the actions they take, and how they go about them. By doing so our ideal clients are business leaders, organizations and people who truly want to shift gears to be conscious leaders.  

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How to bring a team together, to align or to foster even more success. 

Coaching Programs

Targeted coaching programs 3 - 12 months

Some feedbacks & recommendations

"Thank you for everything that you did throughout this past year. Your guidance, advice and insights made a real difference in my life and I cannot possibly understate this. You truly are a great coach". F. O. Consultant   

"You push me out of my context which is a good chance to look from outside to my matter. Like that I can respond to and steer my actual situation and needs. I like our regular interactions." G.S. Global IT Leader
"I feel now way more confident and surer how to deal with things." - A.G. Entrepreneur Education
"You help me dig deep to answer some difficult questions that have been holding me back, almost unconsciously, in order to move forward to reach for my dreams. I recommend you highly to anyone who wants to move their business or career to a new level." - E.H. Entrepereneur Finance
"Kathrin has been our change agent and leadership coach for many years. She has played a critical role in the successful transformation program of our department, shaping the mindset of team members and harnessing positive energy to reach maximum potential. Kathrin has a unique ability of provoking fresh thinking, changing the way we see ourselves and driving the focus of the team towards possibilities instead of being blocked on obstacles. Kathrin’s rhythm makes you groove, at a faster tempo!
I feel very fortunate to have worked with her during my career transition and to have received from her new perspectives and insights for both my professional and personal life"
- F.G. Senior leader FMC
"Kathrin’s background, experience, and passion for her work make her an outstanding coach and change agent. She takes the time to know her clients well, and puts the best interests of the client as the top priority. I truly enjoyed working with Kathrin and appreciated her insight and professionalism." - H.A. Senior VP FMC

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A dialogue about leadership coaching, authenticity and being the best version of yourself