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Creating a space to awaken

The Bloom of life represents a way to enable - through our connectedness  - an awareness:

·         to what we are creating in our life, 

·         to bless each other by being present to each other 

·         to the context for the possibility to wake up 

·         to have our best intention for this awakening journey with and for each other 


The bloom of life was first created as workshop from Judith DeLozier in collaboration with her Asian partners and is building on  NLP as well as on spiritual traditions. The bloom of life is all about  how those Principles can be used to create an environment and an approach to awakening.

In this Joint Venture with Judith DeLozier we are enriching her work with our practical experience in shamanism as well as the contexts of the business world. 

As one of the first initiatives we started building the website representing the bloom of life and Judy DeLozier & Associates. We also started in April with  webinars on how to deal with uncertainty and how your passion and your spiritual principles are helping you to navigating the new now.  Further projects are currently in the works and you can stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter on our website the