NLP Executive Coaching Leadership-Entwicklung Kader-Coaching Führungskräfte-Coaching Führungs-Training

Coaching Programs

Standardized programs over 3 to 12 months

We develop our executive coaching programs for high achievers and senior leadership people who seek the need to align their demanding work situation with their life ambitions in order to create a sustainable and healthy work-life relationship. The longer lasting programs are also very successful for business people that don't know what to do anymore with their career or business as it will reignite their passion and generate an aligned plan of success.

Below you will find the general outline of our Aspen, Redwoods and Giant Sequoia programs. Please contact us for customized adaption and indication of price at 505-559-4442 or officebeachtigcom. 


The Basic
3 months program ideal to tackle specific challenges and to develop key action plans.


The Grand
6 month program designed to create a vaster awareness of your Self and a more conscious handling of your challenges.

Giant Sequoia

The Giant
12 months coaching package to align your passion and key vision into all areas of life.