NLP Executive Coaching Leadership-Entwicklung Kader-Coaching Führungskräfte-Coaching Führungs-Training

Coaching with the Brain in mind

By understanding why you do what you do, sustainable change will be integrated in all of your actions.


Neuroscience offers many beautiful and fascinating insights into human behavior. In this coaching program, you'll learn more about your key motivational triggers and how they influence your personal and work life. You'll also set personal targets for change and define their measurements. Using tools and processes such as Reiss Profile, Core Quality Quadrants, Wingwave, and neurolinguistic programming (NLP), we help you develop a customized action plan in order to bring your life in harmony with your values, as well as stimulate lasting and sustainable change.

We start with an intense awareness phase and meet with you weekly for about a month. After that, we move into the implementation phase, when we'll meet less frequently as you work on integrating the changes into your personal and work life in a supported environment. After this phase, we move on to longer intervals between meetings, while we continue to support your work. In our first meeting, we will agree on scope, timing, cost, and ways of interaction. This meeting will build the base for our work together.

This coaching work, which usually lasts about 6 months, is based on the SCOAP coaching methodology, a solidly-researched brain-based approach that enables every individual to consciously grow his or her capacities for higher performance and emotional fulfillment.