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Consciousness for your success

leadership trainings and management coaching

"The blind spot in the twentieth-century toolkit of economics and management can be summarized in a single word: consciousness. ... Today’s real economy is a set of highly interdependent eco-systems, but the consciousness of the players within them is fragmented into a set of ego-systems. Instead of encompassing the whole, the awareness of the players in the larger system is bounded by its smaller subparts. The gap between eco-system reality and ego-system consciousness may well be the most important leadership challenge today—in business, in government, and in civil society." Otto Scharmer, Leading from the Emerging Future. 

This system consciousness is our expertise. All we do in business excellence, change management or our executive coaching program, is focused to gain and work along this holistic and conscious perspective on the matter. And by doing so our ideal clients are business leaders, organizations and people who truly want to shift gears to be conscious leaders.  

We are customer-centered and deeply committed to what we do. We hold our clients’ best interests as our top priority. Our methods are assertive and to the heart of the matter; we will not sugarcoat issues but rather use blank point communication. We work through an efficient process with our clients to find valuable and meaningful approaches. We do this, because we understand our clients’ need: to make important changes to their workplaces and lives in short time periods and under challenging conditions.

CUTV News Radio Show August 29th 2018

A dialogue about leadership coaching, authenticity and being the best version of yourself



Bridging shamanismus and business consultancy 

Coaching Programs

Targeted coaching programs 3 - 12 months

Change Management

Change is the new currency. Design change processes so that they last.

Effective short term coaching

Successful in topics such as stress, presentation or exam fear as well as performance issues.