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Team Coaching

Have a successful team with top-notch performance.


What makes a team successful and work effectively? Having outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, as well as clearly-defined goals, roles, and responsibilities. And at the base of all that is TRUST.

Trust is the foundation for high performance teams. Teams require people who can expect to depend on each other in working towards a shared goal - and wherever you have interdependence, then trust is the key. Building higher levels of trust is also the most cost-effective way to boost team performance. For example, no matter how technically brilliant the individuals are in your team, if they have low levels of trust in each other (for whatever reason), research suggests that you have a 50% less chance that they will achieve their shared goals on time compared to a high trust team using the team. Using the International Team Trust Indicator (ITTI) will spot light where exactly any team building efforts shall start to allow your team to:

  •   Increase awareness of different communication styles

  •   Improve communication amongst team members

  •   Resolve internal conflict that may be hindering team achievements

  •   Bring clarity to everyone's goals, beliefs and values

  •   Foster teamwork

Can you afford to not invest in improving your team's performance?

Our programms are always targeted that we can meet the specific needs of your team, such as interviews, evaluations, skills training, team building activities and/or facilitating meetings. All of these services will improve how your team communicates and performs. Our work in Team Dynamics can also include a combination of one-on-one coaching, and facilitated team building workshops.

Team building work also helps teams define a new culture or direction. Group-based goals and visions are often vaguely understood and inadequately communicated. This becomes more difficult over time if there is turnover in the team. We can help to regain a sense of mission and cohesion in the group by bringing awareness to issues such as trust, purpose, commitment, communication, involvement, and continuous improvement.